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Historical photos, stories of Pleasant Grove featured on social media

By Laura Giles tales From Utah Valley - | Feb 22, 2017
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In the early 1950s, children would ice-skate at lunch and recess at Central Elementary School. 

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The historic Joseph Olpin house in Pleasant Grove was featured on the Pleasant Grove Community Connection page on Facebook.

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The historic Pleasant Grove Tithing Office was featured on the Pleasant Grove Community Connection page on Facebook.

If you want to take a break from reading about how social media sites are stealing your information, debating political issues, watching cute puppy videos (I watch these), and reading about the latest multilevel marketing products, you can learn about the history of part of Utah Valley by checking out the Pleasant Grove Community Connection page on Facebook.

Earlier this month, the page was featured in The Daily Herald as one of 14 Facebook groups for Utah County residents to join. It currently has over 5,600 members.

Recently, a new series of posts have been added to the regular lineup of categories, joining Local Business Saturdays, Road Work Wednesdays and Let’s Talk Tuesdays. Every Sunday, historic photos and information are featured on the page. The posts have brought out feelings of nostalgia amongst residents and former residents.

On Christmas day, a photo was posted of students ice-skating at Central Elementary in the early 1950s. The post reads, “Principal Walker would flood the field at Central and let the students ice skate during lunch and recess during the winter. The Murdock Canal would freeze and kids would ice skate from Lindon to Manila and play ice hockey underneath the bridge on 200 South.” Many people commented that they remember those times.

On Jan. 15, a photo of the Pleasant Grove Tithing Office was posted. Built in 1914, the LDS Church’s Tithing Office was built near the former tabernacle. This was the last tithing office built before bishops’ offices were included in church buildings. The building still stands in its original form today. Other posts include the history of the city’s first city hall, history of the “G” on the mountain and Pleasant Grove’s first basketball team.

Cyd LeMone, city councilwoman who runs the community page, said that there was a huge response about the ice-skating photo on Christmas from people who appreciated the photo and story behind it. So, she decided to begin posting other historical photos and facts.

“Pleasant Grove will be 167 years old this year. We have so much history that I felt the community needed to know about it,” said LeMone. “The response has been overwhelming. I think people are wanting to know more about their roots, the history of where they live and the people that created our community.”

LeMone said that people outside of Pleasant Grove have commented positively to the posts as well. Some used to live in the city and some, who live in neighboring communities, are enjoying the bits of history.


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