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Authorities apprehend alleged Eagle Mountain porch pirate

By Ryann Richardson daily Herald - | Oct 16, 2020

Deputies apprehended an Eagle Mountain woman for her alleged involvement in the theft of at least three packages.

Deputies with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office made contact with 32-year-old Michelle Marie Poll of Eagle Mountain as she was parked in her vehicle in a church parking lot. Poll had allegedly been named as a suspect in at least three package thefts between Tuesday and Thursday, according to the probable cause statement filed in support of the arrest.

While speaking with Poll, police reported that she allegedly confirmed she had been in the location of at least one of the thefts.

Poll allegedly gave officials permission to search her vehicle, and while conducting that search, deputies reportedly located three opened envelopes belonging to two of the homeowners who reported package thefts, according to arrest documents.

Police also discovered a red Xbox controller and a “galaxy” Xbox controller face plate, which had allegedly been reported stolen by a homeowner, as well as two LifeStraw water filters that had also been reported stolen.

After being read her Miranda Rights, Poll allegedly said she had stolen two packages containing the Xbox accessories from a neighbor but reportedly told police she didn’t remember taking the package containing the LifeStraw water filters. However, Poll allegedly said she did remember opening the package in her car and throwing the water filters into the backseat.

One of the opened package envelopes discovered in the vehicle had originally contained dice. Poll reportedly said she didn’t remember taking the package but had opened the package and threw the dice in the back seat of the vehicle, according to the probable cause affidavit. The dice were not located.

Officials took Poll into custody under the suspicion of three third-degree felony counts of mail theft.


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