1620 rock

There are fads that are silly and fads that are fun. There are flattering fashions and fashions so unbecoming that they make my teeth ache. It seems to me that social media has accelerated the speed by which fashions change. I think it may also have made us generally more aware of the discrepancy between our true life and true appearance and the glamorous, photoshopped versions we see on Facebook.

Yet, there are delightful fads and developments. One of my favorite current trends is the concept of a gratitude journal. It entails looking at the bright side of every aspect of our lives. Instead of moaning about needing to get up early, they are grateful for the day they get to sleep in. Instead of complaining about the power being out, they are grateful for the lovely scent of burning candles. Reading about others’ gratitude inspired me to look for things for which I am grateful. Gratitude is self-perpetuating.

It’s easy to succumb to the temptation to take off pounds the easy way: photoshop. In a publishing program I have on my computer, I can skinny up my hips and thighs to pull off the pork without needing to put down my pulled pork sandwich.

Fashion calls for slender, sleek bodies, but nature doesn’t always hear the call. It doesn’t matter how many pairs of running shoes I wear out in a year, I’m always going to have thunder thighs.

But am I complaining? Not a bit. I’ve seen enough of the world to know to be grateful for my healthy body, even if it bulges where I wish it wouldn’t. I’ve seen enough of the world to feel grateful that I can go to the supermarket and buy a huge assortment of healthful fruits, vegetables, breads, grains, meats, cheeses, etc. The list of categories is even too long to list.

I have seen videos of people burning and trampling our American flag to show their displeasure with something they see that is wrong in this nation. I wish I could send each of those protestors on a walking tour of any other country in the world. I have visited 28 countries on four continents. When the wheels of the jet touch down on an American runway, I feel a rush of gratitude. There’s a reason why most people across the world would come to America if they could. We live more comfortably nationwide than most anywhere.

I hear that some are tearing down monuments to American history. While I’m grieved to remember that the nation with the most freedom in the history of the world allowed slavery for a time, I’m also proud that freedom eventually triumphed. Hundreds of thousands of people made the ultimate sacrifice so that we, in 2019 can live in freedom, regardless of our color or creed.

I’m grateful for a good family, good parents and a good husband.

I know that there has been religious persecution even here in America, but how grateful I am to be able to worship freely. While we lived in Oklahoma, a Satanic church was advertising for a Black Mass they planned to hold. There were those who opposed allowing the ceremony and took it to court. Because part of the usual process involves desecration of an emblem stolen from a Christian denomination, a judge ruled that they must be allowed to hold their ceremony, but without use of the stolen emblem. The event was terrible to me, but the fact that they were free to do it makes me proud.

I’m grateful to the teachers that participate in my education and the education of my family. The vast majority are outstanding people who labored to instill a love of learning. I’m grateful for good books.

There are a thousand mundane little things that I am grateful for. Tools and conveniences and transportation make life so easy!

I’m grateful for the internet that allows me access to the whole world’s knowledge.

I’m grateful for reliable mail delivery and a safe water supply. I’m grateful for well-maintained roads and well-designed cities. I’m grateful for readily available arts. There is simply too much to list.

Only in America, God bless it.