Everyone, meet Phoenix.

While we were at the shelter this week picking up other animals, someone walked in with this dog. They asked the shelter staff to euthanize her. After they had left we talked to the staff members. Turns out this pup is only 9 months old and has mange, which very treatable disease.

We stepped right in and said no one was going to euthanize her and we were going to take her. No way a puppy was going to be euthanized for mange when we knew about the situation.

She is receiving baths multiple times a week, she is on treatment for her open sores from scratching so much, and on bravecto to get rid of the mites.

As you can see, she has no more hair on her belly and is missing patches all over.

This will take her a while to heal from, but she will. And just like a Phoenix she will rise from the ashes and amaze us all with her beauty. And we can’t wait.

Please consider donating $5 today to help us with her medical care. ANY amount will help us, help her.

And if you don’t have any dogs or cats in your home and would like to foster her, let us know. Mites are very contagious.

THANK YOU for being the reason why we can save so many animals.

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