It’s the first year Westlake High School has had over 3,000 students, and it’s causing the school to look for creative options to handle the masses.

There are students at Westlake High School who go their entire day without a class in the actual school building.

With 34 satellite classrooms installed on the grounds outside of the high school, there is practically an entire other school outside of the main building. And with more students coming next year, it’s running out places to put students.

“We don’t have any additional room to set any additional satellites there,” said Kimberly Bird, a spokeswoman for Alpine School District.

Maryel Cobb Maguire Should have started a new school district when Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs started building and put Lehi in that district. Anytime they build a new school it’s already outgrown before it’s even built.

Forrest G. Megargel Comparisons to other schools enrollments would have given this article some context. Is 3062 the most of any school in Utah?

Liz Penrod Whipple Utah waits way to long to build schools. In Idaho whenever a new development was being built a new school was being built right along side.. plus all the money from the state lottery goes into education..Think about it.. bigger families and builders who won’t stop building.. its out of control. The new high school should of been started as soon as west lake was finished.. its a no brainer

Ariana Duke Anybody living in the north part of Utah county could have told you enrollment was going to far exceed projections. Heck, when Skyridge was being built, I told my husband they'd have portable classrooms within the first year. And sure enough, they did. The "projections" are a joke and are not realistic at all.

Necia Cutrer Munro Not happy with some of their creativity. My son's design and visual communications class doesn't have access to enough computers so it's become an art class.

Moira Brogan McEwan My daughters bus is filled to the max. Students were sitting on the floor and others students were sitting on their laps. Bad, bad planning

Robyn Rugg Rogers I'm glad Mr Twitchell doesn't feel like the school's too crowded. My daughter can't say the same

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