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“Open up and say, “Full-screen’?” The practice of telemedicine may be changing the face of future healthcare.

An Alpine health innovation technology company has partnered with the Utah Medical Association to create a grant program for each state medical, pharmacy and hospital associations.

AZOVA, a digital health platform, launched the nationwide program to allow each medical, hospital and pharmacy association in American the opportunity to use the company technology free of charge. The company’s technology allows doctors, pharmacies and other health care officials to view patient information through a secure software.

The grant and options available in each package are meant to provide access to free health innovation technology through AZOVA to make the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 more efficient.

“At AZOVA, we believe that every provider in America needs a streamlined, compliant and HIPAA secure telehealth solution to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak,” a statement from the company said. “We believe that we can help stop the spread of the virus by empowering providers, hospitals and pharmacies with cloud-based care management systems.”

CEO and founder Cheryl Lee Eberting said most health care communication is done over fax, which is a slow and outdated method of communication.

After experiencing the frustration of slow communication in the health care field from both a patient and provider perspective, she felt the need to develop a business that more efficiently connects patients and professionals as well as promotes collaboration between different teams.

AZOVA supports telemedicine through providing video visit tools as well as scheduling office visits and house calls online, and aiding in chronic disease management and concierge programs. The platform also allow providers and pharmacies to participate in e-prescribing at no extra cost.

Patients for locations that are involved in the grant program can connect to any doctor, therapist or pharmacy as well as book appointment, secure messages and share their records through an AZOVA application.

“With this grant program, it is going national scale and it’s growing like wildfire,” Eberting said.

Each participating state will receive a custom marketplace where patients can register for and receive coronavirus support services. Enrollment for hospitals and pharmacy associations is free, but AZOVA charges a $4 fee per patient encounter.

Patients register online to have pharmacists and staff members communicate with them remotely. This includes coordinating medication deliveries and communication between patients’ doctors and pharmacists on a secure network.

State medical associations will receive free secure messaging and e-prescribing for the provider, a custom web page for each practice to link to their own website where patients can access the video visit clinic. Although these services are provided at no cost to the provider and association, a technology fee of $18 per encounter is kept to support the platform and AZOVA staff.

For those who would like to avoid a technology fee, AZOVA has developed a discounted license that includes the video visit clinic for each provider’s website and an “in car check-in” option.

The car check-in allows providers to keep practices open during the coronavirus health crisis by ensuring no patients will be sitting in a waiting room. Patients will remain in their vehicles and a practice staff member can message the patient when it is their turn to come in.

The discounted program is $50 per month per provider, but it regularly $199 per month.

Softwares like this increase the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment by supporting constant collaboration and immediate responses no matter the location, Eberting said. Healthcare of the future necessitates regular collaboration throughout the entire health care ecosystem, including physicians, pharmacists and behavioral health.

Utah is the first state to team up with AZOVA but the opportunity is open to medical, pharmacy and hospital associations across the U.S.

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