America’s Fallen Firefighter Memorial

America’s Fallen Firefighter Memorial in Ogden.

Did you know that the American Red Cross responds to nearly 64,000 disasters per year? Of those, more than 90% of those are home fires, which means the Red Cross works closely with Fire Departments across the United States.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Ogden, Utah, known as the crossroads of the west, stands a somber and unique memorial for America’s fallen firefighters. If you are looking for an uplifting thing to do, come visit this park where families, friends and fellow public service heroes can come to reflect and remember their loved ones lost.

Once complete, fallen firefighters dating back to the early 1800s will be displayed on this wall of honor. It will be the largest memorial of its kind, west of the Mississippi River.

The founders of this memorial park have a goal. Being firefighters themselves, they wanted to have one place where all these heroes are remembered for their dedication and ultimate level of service and sacrifice. They also wanted something inspiring for the residents to do and visit. This belief stems from the understanding that these heroes have an interconnected bond – regardless of where or how one serves, they are family.

This unique wall of honor pays tribute to the ultimate sacrifice of professional, full-time, part-time, volunteer, wildland, union, government, private brigade, military and industrial fire fighting heroes and is open to the public 24/7/365.

If you are looking for an uplifting thing to do, come visit this park where families, friends and fellow public service heroes can reflect on and remember their loved ones lost.

American Red Cross is proud to partner with America’s Fallen Firefighter Memorial in a Virtual 5K, showing our support for all of our local firefighters and honoring those who never made it home is something we are proud to do.

Join us in supporting America’s Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial by participating in this virtual race. Anyone can participate anywhere you live, any time in any way. Walk, hike, bike or even use the gym. You choose how. The best part about a virtual race is that anyone can participate, no matter your location, young or old, or fast or slow. Do it all at one time or little by little.

To sign up for the race, register at or go to and choose Fire+Blood race.

America’s Fallen Firefighter Memorial is showing their support for American Red Cross by adding a Virtual Blood Drive to the race. All you need to do is pledge to give blood or encourage family and friends to give blood at any Red Cross Blood Drive and receive a pin along with you medal and shirt.

As of today, there are 6,827 names on the Memorial wall of Honor, 83 firefighters lost their life in 2018, and 33 firefighters have lost their life in 2019.

If you cannot participate in the Virtual 5K, there are lots of things to do to support AFFM in Ogden. To complete the wall of honor, with the final two quadrants representing the ultimate sacrifices made in the eastern states, we need the help of the community. Any contribution is welcome.

One specific way you can donate to the memorial park is by purchasing a brick with your name or your organization’s name engraved on it. All brick proceeds go towards the wall of honor. Another thing you can do is to volunteer your time on educating the public about the ultimate sacrifice made by these individuals, hosting events at the wall of honor, and promoting fundraising efforts.

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