I recently had the opportunity, along with many other community partners, to celebrate the goodness of our community at Nu Skin’s annual Force for Good Day.

This event brought together 1,500 local Nu Skin volunteers to complete 26 projects at elementary schools and nonprofit agencies in Utah County. Nu Skin has been a partner of United Way for over 30 years, and it has been so inspiring to watch their company grow so successfully and still engage so powerfully in our local community. Force for Good Day is a wonderful example of how strong partnerships can expand our impact to accomplish more than any of us could do on our own.

By leveraging Nu Skin’s work ethic and investment in our community with United Way’s experience organizing volunteer experiences, the Force for Good Day event had a significant impact on our community. Thanks to hard work behind the scenes on the part of Nu Skin and United Way staff members, the projects selected for this event were designed to have long-lasting benefits for local families. These projects involved everything from painting playground games at local elementary schools to cleaning up the grounds of local agencies to make them more welcoming to local families. Thanks to the hard work of these dedicated volunteers, thousands of our community members will benefit from this event for weeks, months and even years to come.

As we’ve celebrated the impact of our partnership with Nu Skin recently, I’ve also been reminded of some of our other corporate partners that have helped change our community for the better. One of these companies is Nestle, another long-term partner that has shown great dedication to our community over the past decades. Nestle recently hosted a 5K Family Fun Run and donated the proceeds of this event to our EveryDay Strong initiative. Thanks to their generous donation, many more families in our community will be able to access the tools they need to help their children be more resilient. Nestle’s commitment to supporting local children and families is truly remarkable.

While we celebrate the decades-long partnerships with companies like Nu Skin and Nestle, we are also thrilled to welcome newer corporate partners to our community as well. Duncan Aviation, for example, is a fairly recent addition to our community but has already been a wonderful example of a company that cares about making a difference. Not only do they participate in annual programs such as Sub for Santa and our Day of Caring event, they also host a workplace campaign and donate funds to support many different programs in our community. Their dedication to supporting our community is truly inspiring.

One of the reasons each of these corporate partnerships is so impactful is that United Way works hard to understand the needs and gaps in our community. Thanks to our regular Community Assessment and our relationships with other organizations, we are able to identify the areas where help is most needed. By relying on United Way’s experience to direct their philanthropic and volunteer efforts, our corporate partners are able to do more than they originally thought possible. They are able to make a long-lasting difference for local families.

Thanks to corporate partners like Nu Skin, Nestle and Duncan Aviation, families and children in our community are able to access the resources they need in order to thrive. And since Utah County has 50% more kids under age 18 than the national average, we need to continue building and strengthening these types of partnerships to ensure that our community continues to take care of our kids for generations to come.

On behalf of United Way, I would like to thank all of our corporate and community partners for working so hard and dedicating so much time and resources to make sure that all children have the opportunity to thrive. Thank you for demonstrating the impact that we can have through working together.

For more information about partnering with United Way, please call (801) 374-2588.