You would have to be either very young or new to our state to not recognize the name Vivint.

Since they first came into our community, they have been securing homes, providing employment and even buying an arena. However, in addition to all of the many areas they serve there is a side to Vivint Smart Homes that many people are not aware of but clearly defines their vision and culture — Vivint Gives Back.

According to their website the mission of Vivint Gives Back is “bringing families and technology together to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” They do this so well that if you are involved in any way with the disability community you have most likely heard their name associated with a variety of events and sponsorships. I bring them up today for two reasons.

First, Vivint Gives Back is extending an invitation to their birthday bash. According to Lora Forbush, communication and events manager, “we realize that there are a lot of kids with developmental or intellectual disabilities that either don’t get included in parties of their friends or don’t have many friends show up for their party.”

The birthday bash is unique because it is for all friends in the IDD community regardless of when their birthday is.

The event will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday at the Vivint Home Security Campus in Provo. It will be divided in two areas to accommodate those individuals with sensory difficulties who require a quieter atmosphere and those who enjoy the carnival atmosphere. Vivint will be providing birthday presents, cake, games with prizes, various activities and lunch for the family. In order to receive a personally selected gift, pre-registration is required by using their Instagram link @VivintGivesBack.

The other reason I mention Vivint Gives Back is based on an experience I had earlier this week. I met with a young mother of 5 including a 12-year-old with developmental disabilities who likes to run outside when given an opportunity. I am sure that parents of children with similar diagnoses could understand the stress of being constantly vigilant to the threat of their child leaving the house and being in danger. It was in this conversation that I first heard about the contribution Vivint Gives Back offers to these families.

Vivint Gives Back began to serve these families in 2014 when they learned that the intellectual developmental disability community was the most underserved population according to statistics. They realized that families had no resources or peace of mind when it came to keeping their loved ones safe from harm. Vivint learned that security systems for homes with individuals with disabilities were different than traditional systems.

“With these systems,” Forbush said, “our goal is to keep the good guys in.”

Some of the features Vivint provides are door codes that allow various care providers to enter the home when the family is not there, internal alarms systems, outdoor cameras, etc. Whatever the specific family needs are, Vivint customizes a system to suit their needs and provide relief from fear at a discounted rate.

It is refreshing to see a large company with so many resources show so much caring and compassion for their community. From a “Birthday Bash” to a sensory room at the Vivint Smart Home Arena, to sponsoring sports camps and helping families feel secure, Vivint Gives Back truly sets the bar high.

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