Amy Mason

Amy Mason

Two years ago, Legacy Elementary in Alpine School District was charged with starting a dual language Spanish immersion program. We knew that the success of the program hinged on hiring the right teachers with the right skills and dispositions.

An extensive candidate search led us to Amy Mason, who had helped launch a similar Spanish dual immersion program in the Tooele School District, and who was looking to move closer to home.

Mason’s task was to help build a foundation of Spanish instruction that would add to the excellent academic reputation of Legacy School. This would involve daily instruction to two classes of 32 first graders, with the assistance of an English partner teacher. Together, these teachers would need to collaborate closely and grow a professional relationship of trust — which they have done.

Mason, who is not a native Spanish speaker but who is bilingual, is careful to only speak Spanish in the presence of her students. She utilizes technology effectively and has organized a literacy-rich classroom. Amy regularly works before and after contract hours to prepare excellent lessons and to review student work with a goal of skill mastery.

Amy is a graduate of Brigham Young University. She taught elementary school in Arizona for five years and has taught in Utah for 13 years. In addition to her professional responsibilities, Amy and her husband are the proud parents of five children and two grandchildren. In addition to spending time with family, she loves to watch classic movies and take drives to look at the beautiful Utah scenery.

Legacy Elementary is fortunate to have Amy Mason on staff, and the future of the dual immersion program is in capable hands. Amy’s professionalism and pedagogical maturity has helped lay the groundwork for a culture of excellence.