Utah Valley Educator of the Week: Ashley Myntti 01

Ashley Myntti

Ashley Myntti, fifth grade teacher at Manila Elementary School in Alpine School District, is this week’s Educator of the Week.

Myntti has been helping shape the minds of young learners for 14 years, since she graduated from Utah Valley University. Over countless hours she has dedicated herself to serving and loving her students. She finds joy in teaching students to read, and helping them learn to make connections to good literature. She has worked several summers as a star reading teacher to help students reach achievement in reading.

Myntti is a devoted team member, and cares about each student in our school. She works with our school’s intervention team to ensure each student is receiving instruction in a way that best serves them.

In her spare time, Myntti loves traveling to new places, and exploring with her friends. She also loves spending time with her five nieces and three nephews. If she’s not doing one of those things, you can find Ashley snuggling with her two cats reading a book. Taking time to do things she loves inspires Ashley to be a more energetic and educated teacher.

Myntti sums up her love of teaching in this way, “I love to see kids feel good about themselves, and like they have accomplished or achieved something big. I think every child should feel that. I also hope the students know that school isn’t a scary place, but a place where I am there to help them. Sometimes it’s fun to be messy and loud, and to have a good time. The best times at school are when I learn from my students. I love when they teach me things.”

Myntti is a pillar at our school. No job is too big, or too small when it comes to teaching. Her hard work and dedication have helped hundreds of students graduate from high school, and work towards a higher education. She is an example of love and service to everyone she works with. We are grateful to have many great educators at our school, but especially for Ashley Myntti.