Benjamin Young

Benjamin Young

Benjamin (Benny) Young, a student at Lakeview Elementary, has been nominated as this week’s Utah Valley student of the week.

Benny was nominated because he is kind, caring, thoughtful and helpful at school. He spends his time helping each of his classmates (before thinking of himself) and cleans up around the classroom and halls without being asked.

Benny is known for his fun sense of humor (he loves a good joke or pun) and sharp academic mind (especially when it comes to mathematics).

Although Benny doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, his teachers say that he has great leadership skills and that they feel confident he will excel at any profession he chooses.

When Benny is not at school, you can find him reading, playing soccer and working on projects with his dad.

Benny was awarded Student Of The Year in kindergarten and is excited to join the Kindness Club next year in fifth grade.

Thanks for your kindness, Benny! We are excited to see what he accomplishes next!