Gus Brinkerhoff

Gus Brinkerhoff

Gus Brinkerhoff is a sixth grade student at Foothills Elementary School.

He is a hardworking and extraordinarily service-oriented student. He participates in choir, orchestra and chess club. He never leaves choir practice without helping the choir director organize the music and the instruments. He helps tidy up the lunchroom without being asked and always helps the lunch supervisors clean-up the play equipment that was used during recess.

Gus is kind to all students. He goes out of his way to make other students feel important and is the first to volunteer if a teacher needs a hand.

He never complains. He is always the first to help and puts his entire heart into it. Students can be mean and cruel. When they are, he seems to brush it off and not let it affect him.

His acts of kindness are a great example to us all. Gus is a great young man. He works really hard at his school work and collaborates well with others.

We are so lucky to have Gus in our school!

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