Utah Valley Student of the Week: Henry Ottley of Thunder Ridge Elementary School

Utah Valley Student of the Week: Henry Ottley of Thunder Ridge Elementary School

Henry Ottley is the student who will stay and help with any family nights we have at Thunder Ridge Elementary in the Alpine School District. He will help prepare for the event, and continue to help until it is entirely cleaned up. He stays after school to help teachers and other students.

Henry has a way of making people feel good about who they are when they are with him. He works incredibly hard in his school work. He is a great example of what to do if you hit a challenge. When Henry’s name is mentioned to someone, that person always smiles.

Henry has been a part of the school’s Hope Squad Jr. leadership team this year. He is very involved in each of our activities. He loves to serve and help others. He volunteers to come to school early and stay after to help teachers and students and with our Hope Squad activities. He jumps right in and works hard to accomplish our goals. He offers suggestions for activities to help the Hope Squad be aware of other students and what needs we can help with.

Henry is kind and cares about other students. He goes out of his way to say hi to others and offer help whenever he can. Other students in the Hope Squad look at him as a leader and follow his example of kindness, service and hope.

Henry’s teacher stated, “He is the kind of student who changes the lives around him with his compassion, humor, work ethic, and the way he steps into the shoes of another and walks around in them. Henry is quick to volunteer to help someone else, whether a peer, a younger student or to help a teacher after school. He is also quick to light up a room with his smile, an act of kindness or joke. I am so impressed with how Henry faces life’s challenges with integrity. He takes the challenge one day at a time, one step at a time. If he gets knocked down, he refuses to take a shortcut. He will get back up through honest effort and perseverance. Henry is innately empathetic. He has made a difference for so many because he listens to understand. Henry is quite the game-changer for himself, his family and his community.”

Congratulations Henry for representing yourself, your school and your family so well!