Lucas Dell

Lucas Dell

Over the past few years and when the weather is nice, students in Alpine School District’s Legacy Elementary are invited to eat lunch on the east lawn of the school.

Large shade trees and open spaces allow students to take a nice break while stretching their legs and socializing with classmates. Students are required to clean up after themselves, just like they would indoors, but they are also encouraged to pick up an extra piece or two of trash to help the custodians and keep the school grounds looking beautiful.

This year, the lunch supervisors noticed that one student, Lucas Dell, was taking that charge seriously and going above and beyond. Lucas regularly grabs a broom and dustpan and scours the lawn, looking for food and garbage left behind. He does so without being asked, with a smile on his face and without any expectation of recognition. He single-handedly helps beautify the school and he deserves to be recognized for his efforts.

Lucas is 10 years old and is a fifth grade student at Legacy. His teachers said he is really good at complimenting and encouraging fellow classmates, and he is positive and up-beat. They also say he is a talented writer and creative storyteller.

Lucas is the oldest of two children, and his mom talks about his love for drawing, family movie nights (especially with superhero movies), trampolines and fast roller coasters. She also says he is a sincere and genuinely kind boy who gets along with anyone.

The Legacy Lions are proud to recognize Lucas Dell!