Utah Valley Student of the Week: Mya Rindlisbacher

Mya Rindlisbacher

Mya Rindlisbacher is a fifth grader at Manila Elementary School in Alpine School District.

She is great student who works hard and does her best. She enjoys learning and is not afraid to ask questions. Mya is kind to others and looks for those who may need a friend. She has been very inviting to a new student in her class. Mya has made this student feel welcome in her classroom.

Ashley Myntti, Mya’s teacher at Manila elementary, said, “Mya should be the student of the week because she works hard, does her best, and is kind to others. She is a fabulous young lady.”

Mya is very talented and enjoys being involved in many activities. She loves to dance and enjoys dancing with her team, and is a great tumbler and can do all kinds of fun tumbling tricks. Mya is very musical. She takes piano lessons and also loves to sing. She has a beautiful, sweet voice. Mya loves to read and goes through books faster than her parents can keep her supplied! She enjoys science experiments and creating new things and playing with friends.

Mya is a member of the HOPE Squad at her school, and is a good friend to those around her. She tries to look for people who may need a little extra kindness, and is good at reaching out and including others. Mya is a great helper at home and with her family members. She loves little children, especially her younger nieces and nephews and is so good at helping them and creating fun for them. Mya is involved in her church group and enjoys helping out in different service projects. She also enjoys serving others with her family.

Mya is a Cougar fan and would love to go to Brigham Young University for college, like both her mom and her dad. She loves science and would like to become a scientist one day, although she is not yet sure which specific field of science yet. Mya would also love to be a mother and raise a family when she is older.