Samantha Wager

Samantha Wager

Samantha Wager is a sixth grade student at Odyssey Charter School. She’s incredibly intelligent, and always has been.

She loves school and learning and works tirelessly to ensure that she always has her assignments completed to the best of her ability. Samantha especially loves math, Latin and science. She studies and works hard and has many academic certificates to prove it. She also placed third in the school spelling bee.

Samantha is great at setting goals and working hard while having fun accomplishing them. When she sets her mind on something, she does all she can to achieve the goal. Nearly four years ago, she was introduced to karate and immediately loved it. She decided she wanted to become a black belt. She learned quickly and began moving up ranks. This coming November she will finally see that goal happen as she will be rewarded with her black belt.

An interesting fact about Samantha is that she loves all things dinosaurs and has multiple dinosaur fossils, books, posters and other paraphernalia. It’s no surprise that she wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up.

Samantha is a great big sister and is always helping her little sister with homework and chores. She is also a great friend and is loved and respected by all her peers. She is always thinking of others and their needs to make everyone happy. She is very positive and can find the good in any situation. Her kind personality is suited perfectly for serving on the Hope Squad at Odyssey. Samantha is a ray of sunshine to anyone lucky enough to find themselves around her. She goes out of her way to help out with things around the classroom, and never complains when she has a lot to do.

Samantha’s teacher feels very blessed to have her in her class!