Sophie McKay

Sophie McKay

Sophie McKay, a sixth grade student at Alpine School District’s Fox Hollow Elementary in Lehi, is this week’s Utah Valley Student of the Week.

Sophie has many talents and hobbies including soccer, making friends, reading and playing the saxophone and piano. She loves the Harry Potter series and “Ranger’s Apprentice.” Her greatest joy is writing. She loves creating many amazing worlds of adventure with words.

Sophie participates on the student council and Hope Squad. She started in the Hope Squad in third grade and loves it so much.

“I love to help people have hope. I meet someone a couple of years ago who always seemed to be alone. Now she is one of my really good friends. All we need to do is reach out and talk to people,” she said.

Principal Darrin Johnson has never met such a positive person.

“She is so nice to all the kids in the school. She’s a great human who looks for the best in others. She is always beaming with a great smile and also very humbly goes about helping students. She is a friend to everyone. She reaches out to others and helps them become better,” he said.

Sophie’s mom, Jenn McKay said, “Sophie came into the world happy to be here. She is a bright light to everyone and keeps her room clean some of the time.”

When asked what advice she’d like to give to other students, Sophie said, “Stay positive! Stick to learning even if it seems hard sometimes. Follow the golden rule. Treat others kindly. Think about what others are feeling. Try to be with them and be their friend.”

Jenni Whitlock is Sophie’s 6th grade teacher and said that Sophie is a hard worker who goes above and beyond.

“She is a self-motivated learner. She has an extremely kind heart and notices everyone around her. Sophie has a natural ability to include others. She helps others shine,” she said.

Congratulations to Sophie McKay on representing so many amazing students as the student of the week!