Wrap tree in winter

During cold weather, wrap trees to prevent damage.

Question: Can I still plant garlic? I thought I still had time to get a few things done in the garden, but it got cold before I finished everything.

Answer: The sudden cold weather surprised a lot of gardeners this fall. The weather forecast is looking better for the next little while, so we might get a few more things done in our yards and gardens.

Garlic does best when planted in the fall. October is ideal, but garlic can be planted from late September through early November. The cloves will spend the late fall and early winter working on root development they need for vigorous growth in the spring.

Remember that garlic is a heavy feeder and needs well-drained soil, so you’ll want to amend the soil with compost or add some source of slow-release nitrogen. Plant the individual cloves about two to three inches deep and six inches apart. Fall-planted garlic doesn’t really need much attention after planting, although some gardeners like to add a few inches of straw or leaves over the area. Since we’re right at the end of the garlic planting season, the mulch is a good idea.

You can also plant garlic in the very early spring, but the bulbs you harvest will be much smaller.

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