Maple Mountain High School SkillsUSA students

Tosh Davis, Ben Warnick, Tyler Christmas and Jared Massic pose for a picture.

Maple Mountain SkillsUSA welding students win at national event

The Maple Mountain High students in Nebo School District won first place at nationals at the SkillsUSA Welding Fabrication competition in Louisville, Kentucky. The National Champions are Tosh Davis, Ben Warnick and Tyler Christmas. Jared Massic is their welding adviser.

There were 37 state champion teams that competed, so they were up against some very challenging competition, according to parent Lorraine Davis.

“Thank you to Jared Massic, their amazing instructor, and Nebo School District for supporting these stellar CTE programs and for supporting SkillsUSA! We are very proud of these boys!” she said.

Parent Shauna Warnick said, “We parents are so grateful for Jared Massic. He is a stellar man of character and great talent in teaching youth. Our sons have become better men because of his gifted mentoring.”

This is the 53rd annual National Leadership and Skills Conference.

More than 16,000 people, including students, teachers, and business partners, attended in the week-long event.

More than 6,000 outstanding career and technical education students – all state winners – competed in hands-on competitions in 100 different trade, technical, and leadership fields. Student work against the clock and each other, proving their expertise in occupations.

Thanksgiving Point museums welcome new, traveling exhibits

Each year, Thanksgiving Point brings traveling exhibits to the Museum of Natural Curiosity and the Museum of Ancient Life.

These traveling exhibits are temporary and guests are encouraged to come and play early and often.

“From Here to There” is an interactive exhibit where guests can explore the science of how things move by land, sea, and air that will reside inside the Museum of Ancient Life in the Legend Solar Building. Some of the activities include:

  • Earthmovers where guests can discover how simple machines help move bigger things in this bead-pit construction site.
  • Hovercraft for everyone to sit down, strap in, and fly! Come ride on a cushion of air that twists, turns, and travels with ease across the floor.
  • Start Your Engines explores the inside of various important machines we use in our daily lives, like cars, airplanes and lawnmowers.

Interesting things are also happening at the nanoscale inside “It’s a Nano World” at the Museum of Natural Curiosity.

Zoom into your own skin and hair. Measure your height in nanometers.

Separate cells in the giant Cell Sorters.

Play giant DNA, dust and germ pinball or jump into the Giant Blood Drop and find the white blood cells.

Some of the other activities include:

  • Cells in Motion and Tiny Tools puts guest amidst the world of living cells and shows how scientist study them.
  • How Big Am I? is a fun feature that shows children just how they compare in size to something so small as a strand of DNA or something gigantic, like an elephant.
  • The Giant Magnifying Glass is exactly what you’d think. Come look through two different oversized magnifying glasses to see amazing details across the room

“From Here to There” and “It’s a Nano World” are now open through September 2017.

American Fork Symphony is set to preform at Steel Days

As part of the 2017 Steel Days celebration, the American Fork Symphony will present a free patriotic concert at 7 p.m. on Monday, July 10, at the American Fork Amphitheater, 851 E. 700 North.

This annual “pops” concert will present musical favorites including “The Stars and Stripes Forever” and “Armed Forces Salute.” Arrive early for best seating.