New Payson mayor prepared to continue serving city 04

Bill Wright poses for a portrait before an inaugural ceremony Wednesday, Jan. 03, 2018, at Payson City Center. Wright was sworn in as mayor of Payson during the ceremony. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

Citizens and friends of Payson,

As I sit here in front of my computer contemplating what I might say in this open letter, my mind is flooded with thoughts of concern and frustration. We are going through some challenging times.

We will get through these challenges as we continued to be vigilant in the fight against this virus. We will get back to normal, one that is not too far from the normal we know.

The COVID-19 virus response has caused considerable disruption of our everyday lives. It has caused the delay and outright cancellation of time-honored activities.

Recently there has been some confusion about the Utah County Health Departments statement that we are experiencing a spike in COVID-19 cases (hot spot).

As Mayor of Payson, I have been in close contact with the Utah County Health Director, Ralph Clegg. He has assured me that the Utah County Health Department has not shut down any businesses in Payson due to coronavirus virus concerns. Some businesses have closed, but it has been their decision, not the health department’s.

I have been in touch with our city’s major commercial employers. I can reassure you that they are all following Gov. Gary Herbert’s directives to the letter, and in some cases expanding on them. They are all taking this pandemic and our state’s response to it very seriously.

As I mentioned, we were experiencing a spike in positive tests for the virus last week. The state and county health departments have been and are currently reacting to that spike appropriately. There is absolutely no reason to be overly concerned.

Please continue to observe the directives Gov. Herbert and his task force have recommended. As we do, we will move from orange to yellow and eventually to green — the goal we all want to achieve.

Stay safe!