It’s my turn again to express my thoughts as Mayor of Payson City.

Thankfully, it does appear that the COVID-19 pandemic may be in our rearview mirrors now. With three vaccines available and better medical treatments for the virus, I am hopeful that we can begin to get back to normal.

Now for some exciting news! Many of you longtime and short-time residents will say, “It’s about time” and I agree with you!

For the three years that I have been the mayor of Payson, we have been working extremely hard to get some help from the state of Utah to repair our Main Street.

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, our Main Street was a state highway and was a dirt road. Over time as the traffic increased and heavier loads were being transported on it, the dirt road became a maintenance problem. So, the state decided to use steel re-enforced 18-inch thick cement slabs as the road surface.

As far as we can tell the state gave Main Street to Payson City in 1935. Over the decades since then Main Street has been paved over many times. Unfortunately, the combination of pavement and the 18-inch thick steel re-enforced cement slabs has created a maintenance problem for our city that financially we are unable to address. Except for emergency repairs, we have not been able to repair the infrastructure located underneath the street.

Hoping that we could convince the state to help us, we have asked for financial help over the last three years. Each year we felt that we were getting closer to our goal. With the help of our local state representatives, senator, Mountainland Association of Governments, and our lobbyist we were successful this year.

Payson city asked for and has secured $5 million to address our Main Street maintenance problems. We are working with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) to get the funds released to us so that we can start our project. We are hopeful that the funds will be available to use by July 1st of this year.

We will be repairing Main Street from 100 N. Main Street to 700 S. Main Street. Construction crews working on the Central Utah Water Project (CUP) have already repaired Main Street from 700 S. Main to 800 S. Main.

Starting the day after Payson High School is closed for the summer, the crews that are working on the CUP will start construction on a 60-inch pressurized water pipeline that will be buried underneath Main Street. After the pipeline construction is completed Main Street will be rebuilt from 800 South to 1400 South.

We will have to endure the traffic-related problems these construction projects will create, but the results well be a new state-of-the-art Main Street.

We are definitely living through some exciting and challenging times. I am honored to represent you as mayor of Payson city. With your help and support, I know that we can and will continue to build a vibrant community. One that continues to provide a safe environment and the small town feel that we all want to enjoy.

Please join with me, and our city council, administration, staff, and employees as we all work together for a bright and successful future.

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