New Saratoga Springs Smith's Marketplace opens

From center left, Saratoga Springs Mayor Jim Miller, Smith's Marketplace Manager Steve Roberts and Smith's District Manager Jim Dye cut the ribbon on the new Smith's Marketplace Store in Saratoga Springs on Wednesday, June 7, 2017.

With 2020 finally over, Saratoga Springs and the rest of Utah County have a lot to look forward to in 2021. There are many projects on the horizon to make life even better here.

Citizens often wonder how city councils and mayors decide what the priorities are that guide decisions throughout the year. Each year the Saratoga Springs’ City Council holds an annual retreat to identify what the priorities will be for city staff to focus during the year while still maintaining general day-to-day services.

These priorities are guided by various city general and masterplans that are updated regularly. Most of the plans are updated through input from citizens, conducting surveys and focus groups, and research conducted by staff and hired consultants.

The masterplans Saratoga Springs uses to guide decisions include: The Parks, Trails, and Open Space Masterplan; The Transportation Masterplan; The Bicycle and Pedestrian Masterplan; The Community Strategic Plan; and the City of Saratoga Springs General Plan.

Many elements of the various plans will be completed or see further progress in 2021. In 2020, working with surrounding communities and a grant from the Mountainland Association of Governments, we began work on Crossroads Boulevard. The existing bridge will be replaced and the road will be widened to 2300 West in Lehi.

Recently, the city completed construction of two new non-motorized boat launches for the Jordan River near Inlet Park and the RC Park on Saratoga Road. The boat launches were funded by a grant and will open in the spring. In addition, this year, we will begin the design for the next phase of Marina Park.

For the past several years, we have been working on extending Foothill Boulevard further south to provide another north and south transportation corridor. The next phase of this project has been approved to begin this year.

This phase is to design the next leg that will extend the existing Foothill Boulevard (or 800 West) from its current southern end at Pony Express Parkway, approximately 3.2 miles south to Lariat Boulevard. Additional funding through the Mountainland Association of Governments was secured to extend Pony Express Boulevard to Riverside Drive.

This work should begin in the next few months.

With these added recreational amenities and transportation projects, Saratoga Springs is planning for the future and providing ways for our citizens to traverse through our city safely.

The new non-motorized boat launch and the additional phase of Marina Park are helping our citizens take advantage of the many natural recreational opportunities available in our community ensuring that “Life’s Just Better Here.”