This last week, winter has really shown us what she’s got. Some of us are ready to move on to spring, but, according to the groundhog, we have a few more weeks.

Many of us are dreaming about hot, sunny days and try as we might, we just don’t really like winter all that much. But, there are those who have found ways to enjoy the beauty and even the frostiness of our coldest season.

To find a few hundred of these people, check out the Utah Lake Photography Club Facebook page. With over 700 members, many of them are outside photographing all over Utah Valley, especially at Utah Lake. And, yes, they are out there during the winter.

Recent photos posted to the page include winter birds at the lake, a stormy sky, ice on the lake and snow on the ground. Winter can be a photographer’s outdoor workshop and these photographers seem to love the season, even being outside in the cold.

Another type of artist who finds the good in winter is Orem painter Abigail Morris. Morris, who often paints using only her hands, rather than paintbrushes, has created artworks depicting winter, as she sees it, with colors and shapes of the season.

“I used to always complain about the winter, how it was my least favorite season, how it makes everything feel cold and drab,” Morris said. “But this year, I really tried to make a conscious effort to see and appreciate the good in it. After I had removed my jaded lenses, I was opened up to so many inspiring things. Painting some of these things has deepened my awareness, connection and gratitude for the beauty of this season.”

Another local winter-lover is Pleasant Grove resident Michelle Rosenvall, who spends much of her winter days outdoors with family members and friends. Fat biking is one her favorite activities to do in the snow, especially in American Fork Canyon where there are groomed fat bike trails.

Hiking, wearing shoes with traction or snowshoes, is another favorite pastime of Rosenvall’s.

“Anywhere you hike in summer, you can hike in winter with snowshoes,” she said.

Rosenvall said that in Utah we’re lucky because there is so much sunshine during the winter and being outside on a sunny winter day is invigorating.

“It’s cold, but it’s fine with good outdoor clothing,” she said. “I love it. Winter is my favorite season. I love being outside with the cold air on my face. It’s just magical being out in the snow.”

Take a look at Murdock Canal Trail at almost any time of day. It is full of runners, walkers and cyclists, even when there is snow on the ground. The winter can’t stop their love of exercising along the beautiful trail.

Ice skating, skiing, ice climbing, sledding, building snowmen or enjoying some hot chocolate while looking out your window at magnificent winter outside. There are many reasons to love the season.

Laura Giles is a long-time correspondent for the Daily Herald and a community member living in Pleasant Grove. She can be contacted at

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