Laite Miller

Laite Miller

It has been stated that ‘Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.” There is a teacher who perfectly embodies this quote, and it is Laite Miller, a kindergarten teacher at Mount Mahogany Elementary in Pleasant Grove.

Originally from Hawaii, Laite shares her Aloha spirit with all of us, big or small. She has been teaching at Mount Mahogany for the past four years, and she inspires and connects with everyone she meets, and we are proud to recognize her as our Utah Valley Educator of the Week.

Principal Jeff Shirley stated, “It is my pleasure to nominate Laite Miller for Educator of the Week. Laite is someone who stands out and shines through her high character, tremendous work ethic, dependability, flexibility and love for her students. Mrs. Miller is a pleasure to work with because of her great attitude and willingness to do whatever is asked of her. This year, we had an opening in Optional Extended Day Kindergarten, and I approached Laite to gauge her interest. I was impressed with how she said, ‘I will do whatever you need me to do, and what is best for the school and our students.’ This example is just one of many that exemplify how excellent she is. She is very popular with her co-workers because she sincerely tries to get to know everyone and they sense her care for them. This sentiment is also inherent in her classroom, as she has great rapport with her students, as they respond very well to her teaching style. Laite has proven to be an energetic, innovative and a loving teacher to her students.”

Elizabeth Bunting, a member of the kindergarten team, added, “Laite is an incredible teacher, and is such a great member of our kindergarten team and faculty. I appreciate how Laite is such a hard worker. I love working with her!”

Alyson Jones, a fellow faculty member, added, “I have always appreciated Laite’s happy demeanor, dedication and thoughtfulness. She is a talented, intelligent teacher, and a great cook! Those who are fortunate enough to receive some of her homemade deliciousness are lucky. We love Laite, and she is a terrific teacher who is well loved by her coworkers and family.”

Mr. Shirley stated, “Mrs. Miller is well deserving of this recognition, because she is highly committed to the success of each of her students, and cares deeply for their current and future success. Her contributions have been an asset to Mount Mahogany through the past four years, and her students consistently show tremendous progress. She is truly a shining example of the drive, determination and will to succeed, which makes her a leader and example to all of us at Mount Mahogany. It is a privilege to know her and work with her.”