Utah Valley Student of the Week: Carson Wright

Carson Wright

Waiting at the office each morning at Mount Mahogany Elementary in Pleasant Grove, prior to administrators and teachers, is a sixth Grader, ready for another opportunity to serve his fellow classmates. This student is Carson Wright. He is an amazing example of kindness and service to others, and is this week’s Utah Valley student of the week.

On Sept. 26, 2019, Carson’s service began through an email sent to Jeff Shirley, Mount Mahogany’s principal. In the email, Carson said, “Hi Mr. Shirley, I would like to become an aide to help. We need more people at the playground. No payment needed. I can become a big help.”

Mr. Shirley was surprised when he received this, saying, “In 18 years in education, I have never received an email like this from a student so willing and anxious to serve. However, I was not surprised that it came from a student like Carson, who is always looking out for others and wants to help in whatever way he can.”

Since that day, instead of playing at recess, Carson has willingly served as a “volunteer aide,” and has been given a name badge, school lanyard and a safety vest. Before school and during each recess, Carson can be found checking on the safety and welfare of each student he sees at Mount Mahogany.

When asked why he chooses to serve, Carson simply stated, “I just love the kids here, that’s all. Kids need help, and I love helping them.” He has had the opportunity to assist with emergency drills, and even had a chance to walk around with Pleasant Grove Police Department officers during a recent lock down drill.

Carson’s favorite subject in school is art, and he mentioned that he wants to be a police officer when he gets older. His favorite things to do outside of school is building things with his Legos and playing video games.

Mr. Shirley stated, “Carson is a tremendous example of kindness, compassion and service. One morning, I arrived at school at 7 a.m., and there was Carson, with a big smile on his face, saying, ‘There’s the man with the keys!’ I love Carson’s incredible attitude and willingness to put others’ needs ahead of his own. He is amazing, and we are so fortunate to have his incredible example at Mount Mahogany!”

Carson’s teacher, Sam Briggs, added, “Carson tries to do his best in everything he does. He really shows that he cares a lot about everyone around him.”

Brad Davies, Mount Mahogany’s assistant principal, added, “Carson is a great student! He arrives every morning ready to help wherever it is needed. He always has a smile on his face and such a great attitude. I have the opportunity to be outside with him before school and at recess and he does a great job assisting me and the aides with whatever we need. We appreciate him giving of his time during the school day. He is definitely worthy of receiving recognition as Student of the Week.”

Mr. Shirley recalled another morning recently, when Carson approached him and said, “If you need me today, just call me.” He then gave Mr. Shirley a hug and thanked him for letting him serve. Mr. Shirley said, “It is my sincere privilege to nominate Carson for this recognition. There is no greater example than his exemplary service to our school, as well as his excellence in several aspects of being respectful, accountable, motivated and strong. We sincerely appreciate all he does to help our school and his classmates in everything he does. Way to go, Carson!”

Each of us can learn from Carson’s example and willingness to put others’ needs above our own. How great our world would be if we did!