Walking can be an arduous task on its own, but when coupled with additional activities, walking can be downright dangerous.

Since the invention of the text message, walkers everywhere have become a danger to themselves and an annoyance to everyone else when they walk and text. ImprovEverywhere has come up with a solution for the walking while texting epidemic - Seeing Eye People.

In this video, the improv group takes to the streets of New York with orange vests and leashes, helping texters get to their destination without walking into telephone poles or unsuspecting bystanders. Soon, cities everywhere may be employing the services of Seeing Eye People.

-- Janice Peterson has worked at the Daily Herald since 2007 and has been the Online News Coordinator since 2010. She co-writes the "From the Web" series.
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Janice Peterson is the Online News Coordinator at the Daily Herald, where she has worked since 2007.

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