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Jeremy James Culley

An Orem man was arrested on Thursday after allegedly attempting to exchange a package on someone’s porch for a different one, only to get caught in the act by a resident of the home, and then identifying himself to the resident.

Jeremy Culley, 44, was reportedly seen arriving at the home several times soliciting yard work to the residents. On the third time, Culley is reportedly seen on surveillance footage looking at a delivered package.

According to the probable cause statement, after looking at the package, Culley was reportedly seen leaning down and doing something with the package. He was later seen on surveillance taking a package from the porch and walking away.

He was then reportedly seen leaning down to the package, doing something to it, and leaving with what was allegedly the owner’s original package.

The daughter of the homeowner opened the door while Culley was there and he reportedly acted surprised. The daughter grabbed the package and her mother also reportedly spoke to Culley over the Ring doorbell.

According to the report, he then told the daughter that he lived in the ward and was someone’s brother. The mother was then reportedly able to identify Culley and verify that he lived with his brother.

According to the homeowner, Culley is the only person seen on the surveillance footage during the time that the package was delivered.

After retrieving the package, the mother noticed that the item in the box was not the one ordered from Amazon. The package had the original label, but the label was reportedly loosely attached to the box as if it had been removed and transferred.

The package the mother opened after Culley left contained a sprinkler device, the same one Culley is reportedly seen holding prior to leaving the residence.

Officers tried to make contact with Culley, according to the probable cause statement, but he was not home. Around his home, officers reportedly saw the exact same package that was allegedly swapped out at the other residence.

Culley was then arrested on Thursday when he told officers that the family had reportedly given him the package and that is why he left the sprinkler.

He was then booked into the Utah County Jail on a theft charge that was enhanced because he was still on parole.