John Bowcut called the city's decision for SFCN to become a telephone provider "a way of taking customer service in Spanish Fork to an all time high." SFCN is going into the telephone business.

The equipment is ready and soon SFCN employees will use door hangers to recruit customers. Bowcut added. Customer recruitment will be staged to prevent SFCN employees from being overwhelmed with orders.

Bowcut gave his budget report and said SFCN had over $400 thousand in retained earnings. "We are not going under. We want to be Spanish Fork's cash cow."

SFCN has prepared for this additional service with Node Certification, used to make sure SFCN is ready. One item on the prep list is lowering the noise floor. The type of voice service provided will give clearer transmissions that internet based phone systems like Vonnage. With the installation of Networking Operations Center (NOC) Bowcut and his crew will be able to monitor SFCN from top to bottom he says.

Bowcut gave his report at the City Council budget meeting Jan.22. He told them "we will know if there's a problem with your cable system and modem before you do." He praised the City foresight for putting high speed internet in Spanish Fork for a reasonable price, being pro active when other providers didn't come to Spanish Fork.

Now the City is ready to provide phone service from the same building as high speed internet and SFCN cable.

"There is no such thing as free long distance," The SFCN manager explained that people have unrealistic expectation and phone customers only think they get free long distance. Unlimited long distance plans make the people who don't use long distance subsidize the consumer of long distance.

He proposed SFCN rate around $15 a month and the council took that under advisement. Rates will be offcial set at a later date. SFCN also offers a small business plan.

Roll-out for the service will be measured, neighborhood by neighborhood, SFCN has a small staff and they want to provide the best service possible as customers sign up.

"We can offer very good product and service without getting every citizen as customers." Bowcut explained.

Bowcutt went on to clear up some untruths being spread by competing telephone/cable providers.

* SFCN does not use Comcast cable system in any way shape or form he said.

* SFCN is not going out of business, not with over $400,000 retained earnings.

* SFCN is the only cable provider with all the local channels.

* Comcast is not going to be SFCN's voice provider. And never has been.

* SFCN offers DVRs.

* SFCN has faster internet speeds than 1.5 mbpps; contrary to competitor's assertions.

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