Orem police arrested a Mapleton man Saturday after he allegedly stole a vehicle and attempted to escape custody while at the hospital.

Authorities were dispatched to a 7/11 in Orem on reports of a stolen vehicle. The complainant, and owner of the vehicle, told police he went into the gas station and convenience store when he heard his truck start and saw it drive across the parking lot.

The complainant told police he witnessed the truck drive up onto the curb and into eastbound lanes on Canyon Parkway, according to the probable cause statement filed in support of the arrest. Officials searched the area the truck was last seen traveling toward but were unable to immediately locate the vehicle.

Police returned to the 7/11 to speak with the owner about potentially viewing video surveillance of the incident. As officers entered the parking lot, they observed a red truck matching the description of the stolen vehicle.

Officers exited their patrol vehicles and made contact with the complainant, who told them the suspect had brought the truck back and ran south on Main Street. Authorities began to run in that direction in an effort to locate the suspect, relaying the most recent developments to other officers in the area over the radio.

The suspect, identified as 39-year-old Bryce Jerald Dixon of Mapleton, was located and officers initiated a foot pursuit, which ended with Dixon in custody.

Medical personnel were called to the scene to treat Dixon for potential injuries that may have occurred after he was punched in the face, according to arrest documents. Dixon told police the truck’s owner punched him for stealing the vehicle.

Dixon was placed into the back of a patrol car, and officers made contact with the store manager in an effort to view any surveillance footage. The owner of the vehicle advised police nothing was taken from or left in the vehicle when it had been left in the parking lot.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Dixon allegedly told police he took the truck to get to the “Colosseum” to get on a flight with alien diplomats. He reportedly said he intended to drive the truck to the Colosseum, but he felt bad about stealing the vehicle and returned to 7/11 to return it.

Authorities transported Dixon to the Timpanogos Regional Hospital to be medically cleared, but before the nurse arrived, he allegedly stood up from the hospital bed he was in and began to walk toward the doorway. Dixon was instructed to sit back down, but he allegedly darted for the door instead.

Officers grabbed his arms to gain control of him, lying him down on his back on the hospital bed and instructing him not to move. Dixon again got up from the bed, reportedly telling the officer he was going to get a Valium and ignoring commands to sit down, allegedly attempting to run past authorities.

Police laid him back down after struggling with Dixon for a few moments, according to arrest documents. Dixon allegedly apologized to police and told them the aliens need him to go to the Colosseum.

Authorities transported Dixon to the Utah County Jail after he was medically cleared. While at the jail and after being screened, Dixon reportedly stood up without warning and ran further into the jail before approaching locked double doors.

Dixon was booked into custody under the suspicion of second-degree felony theft of an operable vehicle and class A misdemeanor escape from official custody. He is currently in custody at the Utah County Jail on $1,000 bail.