Power outage stock

Rocky Mountain Power reported 170,000 customers without power throughout the state on Tuesday, however, most of Utah County remained largely unaffected.

The power outages came as a result of a strong winds that entered Salt Lake, Weber and Davis counties Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

While the strong wind warning did not include Utah County, there were still some strong gusts. Rocky Mountain Power reported some outages as of 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Over 1,300 customers were without power in Utah County with the largest outage coming in Orem where 846 customers were impacted, according to the Rocky Mountain Power website.

While the website was reporting those outages, many businesses reported no outages at all. These businesses included a Smith’s grocery store, Will’s Canyon Stop and Play it Again Sports. The Harmon’s in Orem did report some flickering power but had no complete outages.

As for Provo, Kat Linford with Provo Power confirmed there was an outage on Monday night that impacted 86 customers but there were no outages due to winds on Tuesday.

“There was one last night, but we don’t have any active right now,” Linford said on Tuesday afternoon.

Rocky Mountain Power urged all customers to be prepared for prolonged power outages in a release on Tuesday. The release also mentioned customers having enough food, water and back-up batteries to make it through any possible outages.

“We make sure we are well-prepared with crews and equipment for severe weather events,” said Curtis Mansfield, Rocky Mountain Power vice president of operations. “This storm is impacting thousands of customers across our six-state territory and we appreciate our customers’ patience as we work to get everyone restored.”

Residents are advised to tie down any items that could cause damage as a result of the strong winds and treat all downed wires as live and dangerous.