Orem Community Hospital and Mayor Richard Brunst are asking residents throughout the city and surrounding area to take a step to a healthier life.

The hospital has adopted the national Walk With A Doc program; the only hospital in Utah County to do so, according to Laura Salazar, marketing manager.

On Thursday, Brunst joined Dr. Jeremy Hadley, a family practice doctor at the hospital’s clinic, Lenny Lyons, the hospital’s new administrator and others to take a one-hour walk around the hospital campus.

Brunst met recently with hospital leadership and the walking program was discussed. Brunst said he would like to be a part of it and invites residents to do the same.

“Walking improves your mood, lowers stress, reduces weight and blood pressure,” Brunst said. “I’d be happy to come when my schedule is open.”

One person who has made his schedule open for nearly a year is Hadley. For one hour a week, from 10 to 11 a.m. Thursdays, Hadley walks with all kinds of people and they talk. Many are his patients but there are many others too.

“So many times in medicine we’re reactive,” Hadley said. “This is a chance to be proactive.”

Hadley said there are even benches along the way for people to rest. They don’t have to walk a full hour or do the mileage, about two in the hour, just come and do what you can.

“We can avoid so many problems by being active,” Hadley said.

On occasion, one or two of Hadley’s patients will join him for the walk. Thursday, Mel Cossey came to walk.

“This is my first time,” Cossey said. “I had a heart attack last December. Dr. Hadley is taking care of me but I help myself by walking.”

Cossey usually walks the mall or works out at the gym with his wife, but he decided to take Hadley up on his invitation.

Hadley said last week a woman joined the walk that had Type 1 diabetes. She was able to ask some questions about insulin and Hadley was able to respond in just a good general conversation as they walked.

After having been the Orem Community Hospital top administrator for just about two weeks, Lenny Lyons joined the weekly walk.

“This is beautiful weather to get out and get fresh air,” Lyons said. “We need to keep everybody well.”

Right now, the sidewalk/walking path around the hospital is flat and has benches and doggie stations along the way for those who want to walk the dog with the doc.

According to Salazar, a connector path is being planned to connect to the adjacent Geneva Park to enlarge the walking experience. They will add another doggie station and the path will most likely lead around the city’s only covered playground and Futsol court.

On Thursday, moms and kids as far away as Vineyard and Lindon came to walk with a doc. It is helpful for children to interact with their family doctor in a more relaxed and fun setting, as well, Salazar said.

“This is reimagined primary care,” Salazar said. “Last week we had school teachers come and walk during fall break.”

Anyone is invited to come and walk from 10–11 a.m. Thursdays. Meet at the front entrance to the hospital, which is on the east side of the building.

Orem Community Hospital, a part of the Intermountain Healthcare system, provides labor and delivery; out patient care; 24-hour emergency room with trauma certified doctors and personnel; a clinic; pediatric rehabilitation; neurological rehabilitation and tele-health.

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