The two men alleged to have threatened and accosted an Orem woman in Provo Canyon on Wednesday have come forward.

According to a press release by the Utah County Sheriff’s office, the woman was walking on the Provo Parkway Trail near Canyon Glen Park when she was approached by two men just after 8:30 p.m.

The woman told authorities the two men asked her if she was recording them, which prompted her to begin recording them for her safety and in fear that they might hurt her. She added that she could tell they had been drinking.

The men also had allegedly demanded the woman give them her belongings, such as personal items in a waist pack and her cell phone. The woman told authorities she began to remove the pack and wrap it around her arm to defend herself.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office shared stills of the two men from the woman’s recording online, and on Monday, deputies spoke with the two men involved in the incident after one of the two men contacted the sheriff’s office to report that he and his brother were the two individuals in the photographs.

The two men, whose names have not yet been released, are not brothers, according to the press release. One of the men told the deputy, however, that they are brothers-in-law.

The two men allegedly told the deputy they saw the woman on the Provo River Parkway Trail. Additionally, they allegedly told the deputy they had said something to her as she walked up the trail. Later that same day, the men said they saw the same woman near Canyon Glen Park as she was coming back down the trail.

Both men reportedly told authorities that one of them had become upset as the victim walked down the trail because he believed she was recording them on her cellphone, which bothered both of them.

One of the men told police he believed the woman could not legally record them and confronted her, demanding she delete the recording. In a previous interview, the woman had told police it was at that time she believed the two were trying to take the bag she was carrying as well as her phone.

Authorities do not believe the men intended to steal the woman’s property but rather that their actions created a “hazardous and physically offensive condition” for the woman, according to the press release.

The deputy investigating the case has submitted a request to the Utah County Attorney’s Office for each of the men to be charged with one count of disorderly conduct.