PROVO — Last Sunday, Provo police shot a man who ultimately died later that day.

Cody Evans, 24, was shot and killed after a confrontation and reportedly wielding an Airsoft rifle against the officers.

Four other suspects were subsequently arrested throughout the week for reportedly directly or indirectly threatening the Provo Police Department following the shooting.

Brandon West, 22, was booked Tuesday after it was discovered through confidential sources he was trying to purchase a firearm “for his homie” and he reportedly spoke of “retaliation."

West was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of drug possession, though he is being investigated for his involvement in planning crimes against the police.

Jacob Fletcher, 24, was booked late Wednesday afternoon into the Utah County Jail after he was found near Price. Detectives reportedly received information he was staying at a hotel in Wellington and was a wanted fugitive with several outstanding felony warrants, including for child endangerment.

Detectives stopped a vehicle going westbound on State Route 6 near Soldier Summit and found Fletcher inside as the passenger. Fletcher reportedly told officers he’d smoked methamphetamine and marijuana earlier that day. Several items of drug paraphernalia were also reportedly found inside the car.

Lindsey Parker, 25, is now out of jail, but she was originally booked Thursday for harboring a fugitive -- Fletcher. Police reports state she knew who Fletcher was and that he was wanted for several warrants. She told officers she was “babysitting” him as he hid from police. She was driving the car officers stopped near Soldier Summit and was also reportedly under the influence of drugs while she was behind the wheel.

Michael Angus, 27, was booked into jail Friday after posting threatening messages to social media during the past week.

The first calls came in to law enforcement Sunday after some concerned citizens reportedly saw messages Angus posted online such as, “PPD WILL DIE,” and “To provo pd. Beware of c4 and dat 50cal.”

Another message said, “im killing u! [Provo Police] RIP cody, I love you homie,” referring to Evans. “Imma kill all u provo cops.”

As the week progressed following Sunday's officer-involved shooting, police throughout the county were on high alert and reportedly exhausted a large amount of manpower and resources to deal with the possibility of the threats becoming a reality.

C4 is an explosive that can cause mass casualties, and a .50 cal is a high-powered rifle.

Angus communicated with Fletcher several times via social media, the two reportedly agreeing to assist with acts of terror against Provo police. When Angus asked Fletcher if he would help him, Fletcher responded, “You know i am, f*** provo police.”

West was booked on suspicion of one second-degree felony charge of distribution of marijuana and two second-degree felony charges of possession of a controlled substance.

Fletcher was booked on suspicion of the following charges: two third-degree felony charges of possession of meth, two class B misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana, one class B misdemeanor charge of drug paraphernalia, and his outstanding warrants.

Parker was booked on suspicion of the following charges: one third-degree felony count of harboring a fugitive, one third-degree felony count of possession of meth, one class B misdemeanor of possession of drug paraphernalia and one class B misdemeanor of driving with measurable controlled substances.

Angus was booked on suspicion of one second-degree felony count of making a threat of an act of terrorism.

Provo Police Chief John King issued the following statement in the wake of the arrests:

"I am very pleased that these individuals have been taken into custody. It was an excellent job by several Utah Valley law enforcement agencies to identify, locate and arrest these people who made specific threats against Provo police officers.

"It is especially gratifying that residents of our community who had read about the online threats immediately notified the Provo Police and their actions aided the investigation."

Kurt Hanson is the Breaking News and Courts reporter for the Daily Herald. He can be reached at (801) 344-2560 or Follow him on Twitter: @hansonherald.