From American Fork Canyon to Payson and some hotspots in between, sightings of the mythical monster Big Foot right here in Utah County are surprisingly more common than you’d think.

Whether Sasquatch is a fan of the outdoors or just has a penchant for Happy Valley is up in the air, but the latest sighting, shared on YouTube by Austin Craig, shows legendary beast hanging out in the mountains lining the east side of Provo.

“Seriously, look how big it is!” someone can be heard commenting in the video. A moment later, the film cuts and starts again even closer to the alleged sighting, with a large dark figure slowly moving on the mountain.

The sighting, which occurred Jan. 2 and was posted on Jan. 6, led to some follow-up not just by Craig, but also the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization.

Follow this link for the official followup search, which has more than 14,000 views.