Boats head out on Utah Lake

Boaters head out on the water at Utah Lake State Park in Provo.

An accident on Saturday afternoon at Utah Lake sent one 22-year-old man to the emergency room after being cut by a boat propeller.

According to Provo Fire Capt. Dean York, the victim was wakeboarding and had fallen off into the water. The boat driver, who had little experience navigating a boat, cut the victim on the lower right leg with the boat’s propeller as he attempted to get the victim out of the water.

The boat’s party was able to get him to shore where they were met by emergency personnel from Provo Fire and Rescue.

York said the victim was taken to the Emergency Room at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center where he is expected to receive stitches.

York added that at the hospital they would be checking for potential nerve damage.

The victim's name has not been released.

According to York, the incident serves as a reminder that it’s a busy time of year out on the lake and there are certain safety precautions which must be followed.

“Life jackets are important and you need to have experienced people running the boats while you’re out on the water,” he said.

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