Gay marriage resumes in Utah 16

Kit Olpin and Mark Richardson, a married couple from Sandy, carry rainbow flags during a rally in celebration of marriage equality in Utah outside the Salt Lake City Public Library on on Monday, Oct. 6, 2014. On Monday the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal in Utah's gay marriage case and the 10th Circuit Court issued an order for the state to resume issuing marriage licensing to gay and lesbian couples. SPENSER HEAPS, Daily Herald

PROVO -- Restore Our Humanity, the group that initiated the lawsuit know as Kitchen v. Herbert, is calling for a public dialogue to discuss same-sex marriage and other issues surrounding the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

The event will be held at 3 p.m. Saturday in the Bullock Room at the Provo City Library.

"I've been told by others about public meetings that seem to center around spreading more lies and hate towards the LGBT community," said Mark Lawrence of Restore Our Humanity. "Apparently, many of the targets of these are elderly and isolated LDS women. They are being lied to and they are being subjected to social terrorism.

"We at Restore Our Humanity feel like we need to respond to this. These people deserve to hear the truth about marriage equality and same-sex marriage in Utah."

Lawrence said his group has been remiss in disseminating information about marriage equality in Utah.

"The international 'anti-gay' industry has multimillion dollar budgets and they hide behind the guise of religion, mainly Christianity," Lawrence said in a press release. "There is no shortage of these organizations in Utah.

"Scathing anti-gay rhetoric is routinely published in local papers. Whether the sources are institutional, personal or leaders of organized groups, these attacks are destructive and unwelcome in a civilized state."

Lawrence said columnists such as Pamela Openshaw, Charilyn Eagar and others are promoting a disingenuous monologue that hurts families and causes a rift in the general community. 

Restore Our Humanity's town hall meeting is being held to frankly discuss those issues and confront the "antagonism of hate and hostility" imposed by these people.

There will be several speakers and a respectful question-and-answer session. All concerned residents of Utah County are welcome to attend.

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