A Provo man is facing potential felony charges of rape, aggravated assault and kidnapping after allegedly holding a woman captive and tying her to furniture.

According to the probable cause statement filed in support of the arrest, a local woman contacted officers with the Provo City Police Department on Monday to report a man, identified as 24-year-old Jonathan Jared Agundez Zarate of Provo, had allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Police responded to Agundez Zarate’s residence. He was read his Miranda Rights and allegedly agreed to speak with officers.

The woman had reported to police that Agundez Zarate had reportedly obstructed her breathing by placing his hand over her nose and mouth until her vision became blurry and she felt weak, as if she were about to pass out. Agundez Zarate allegedly obstructed her breathing a second time by shoving a black cloth inside the woman’s mouth.

During the incident, Agundez Zarate also allegedly physically and forcefully restrained the woman by tying her to the bed for over 25 minutes. Agundez Zarate allegedly told police he restrained the woman by using tie-down rope.

The woman told authorities she was unable to untie herself and was exposed to bodily injury, according to arrest documents.

While restrained, the woman reportedly told Agundez Zarate several times that she did not want to engage in sexual intercourse. Agundez Zarate allegedly told police that whenever she would tell him “no,” he would want to engage in sexual activity even more.

Agundez Zarate allegedly ignored all refusals from the woman, and without consent, undressed the woman and began to have sex with her for 3-5 minutes, according to the probable cause statement.

The woman attempted to fight off Agundez Zarate by scratching and kicking him during the incident. After he had finished, Agundez Zarate allegedly left the room, leaving the woman tied to the bed for an additional amount of time. Agundez Zarate did not untie the woman until he allegedly felt bad.

During the incident, the woman’s 1-year-old daughter was lying awake next to her on the bed and her 6-year-old son was in the room across the hall, reporting to police that he heard the entire thing.

Marks on the woman’s wrists and the bed posts were consistent with someone being tied and struggling to get free. The woman also had scratches and cuts on her face where Agundez Zarate allegedly hit her.

Agundez Zarate was arrested under the suspicion of first-degree felony rape, second-degree felony kidnapping, third-degree felony aggravated assault, and third-degree felony violence in the presence of a child.

This is currently classified as a domestic violence incident.

Agundez Zarate is being held at the Utah County Jail on an unspecified amount of bail.