A Provo man is in custody after another man allegedly witnessed him throw two kittens from his passenger side window.

Officers with the Provo City Police Department received reports of a man traveling south on Freedom Boulevard after a passerby tossed two small kittens out of his vehicle near 50 North, according to the probable cause statement filed in support of the arrest.

The complainant contacted dispatch as he followed the man to a U.S. Post Office location. While at the post office, the caller was able to get a clear physical description of the man he alleged had thrown the kittens. The witness also was able to relay the man’s license plate number to police.

According to arrest documents, the caller never lost sight of the vehicle and kept dispatch on the phone with updates of where the man was until officers were able to make contact.

Authorities conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle in question and identified the driver as 59-year-old Robert Earl Corliss of Provo.

Officers advised Corliss of the allegations the complainant had made against him, and he denied that he had any kittens in the vehicle. While speaking with Corliss, arresting officials noted the presence of cat hair on the front of Corliss’ green t-shirt.

Police further asked how the complainant was able to observe a man matching his physical description throw kittens out of the passenger side of the vehicle, he allegedly continued to deny that it was him.

Provo officials returned to the area where the two kittens had allegedly been thrown, and after a search of the area, authorities were only able to locate one of the kittens. The kitten was found dead in the roadway.

The kitten was collected from the roadway and photographed for evidence.

Corliss was transported to the Utah County Jail under the suspicion of class A misdemeanor aggravated cruelty to animals. He has been released on $1,950 bail.