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Provo City Center is pictured Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

According to a recent Wallethub study, Provo is the second best-run city in America.

Coming in just behind Nampa, Idaho, and just ahead of Boise, Idaho, Provo scored well on multiple factors leading to its rank in WalletHub’s study, “2018’s Best- & Worst-Run Cities in America.” Provo ranked second overall in total budget per capita, seventh in safety, 16th for its financial stability, 25th for its economy and 27th for its education.

According to the study, researchers looked at 150 of the largest United States cities to determine each city’s operating efficiency. To do so, the study compared the quality of services residents receive against the city’s total budget, using 35 key performance indicators grouped into six service categories.

“As mayor, I’m thrilled to see that Provo has been ranked by today as one of the best run cities in the nation. Number 2 out of the top 150 U.S. cities is incredible,” said Mayor Michelle Kaufusi in an email. “Who gets the credit for this achievement? Well, the criteria included everything from infrastructure to infant mortality and from high school graduation numbers to pollution. So it seems clear the credit goes to virtually every resident of Provo. It goes to parents helping their kids graduate, to nurses on the night shift, to city workers building our roads, and on and on.”

In just two categories Provo sat slightly above average — average is 75th. Provo was ranked No. 63 for its overall health – which factored in infant mortality rate, average life expectancy in years, hospital beds per capita and the quality of public hospital system. The city came in at no. 57 for its infrastructure and pollution which looked at a number of factors including: the quality of roads, average commute times, transit access, walking and biking friendliness and water and air quality.

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