Students in Provo shoveled heaps of dirt onto tree roots Monday morning as they prepared to start the school year off with a new building.

The three new trees in front of the rebuilt Provost Elementary School won’t be the only things going into the ground. Students will be creating time capsules that will be buried in spots around the school’s campus.

“Who knows in 50 or 60 years what they’ll find,” Steve Oliverson, the principal of Provost Elementary School, said to a group of more than 100 community members.

There was still wet cement behind the school, and the playground hasn’t been completed, but the building is ready for students to return on Aug. 15.

A ribbon was cut for the new school underneath a red and white balloon arch. Afterward, the community was able to walk around the school and view history presentations about the building.

The school was rebuilt using funds from the Provo City School District’s most recent bond. The bond included funds to rebuild five schools, including Provo High School.

Provost Elementary School and Provo High School were the final two projects on the bond to be completed.

The new Provost Elementary School sits on the same site as the old school, is two stories high and includes curved hallways and a cougar emblazoned onto the entranceway tile.

Shannon Poulsen, a member of the district’s board of education, thanked those who helped with the rebuild and transition to the new school.

She spoke of employees who were first there in the morning and last out and those who helped clean the building.

“They pulled 300 pound murals off the walls,” Poulsen said.

Braley Dodson covers health and education for the Daily Herald.

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