The Utah County Sheriff’s Office is looking for two men who allegedly threatened and accosted an Orem woman Wednesday.

According to a press release by the Utah County Sheriff’s office, the woman told authorities she was walking west on the Provo Parkway Trail near Canyon Glen Park in Provo Canyon when she was approached by two men just after 8:30 p.m.

The woman told police she had seen the two men earlier but she hadn’t spoken with them until they approached her. The two men allegedly asked her if she was recording them, which prompted her to begin recording them for her safety and in fear that they might hurt her.

“She was close enough to them that she could tell they had been drinking alcohol,” Utah County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Spencer Cannon said.

The men, who are estimated to be in their late teens or early 20’s, then demanded the woman give them her belongings, such as personal items in a waist pack and her cell phone.

The woman began to remove the pack and wrap it around her arm while preparing to defend herself. At that time, a small group walked by and the woman called for them to help her. The group kept walking and ignored the woman’s pleas.

Another group began to walk by moments later, and the woman called out to them for help. The second group stayed with her, and the two men left the area on long boards.

“What bothers us about this is that it happened,” Cannon said. “Now, ordinarily the canyons in Utah County are very safe places to go and enjoy the outdoors. This woman had every right to be there. While these things are not unheard of, they’re not common, and they do happen occasionally.”

Cannon said the Utah County Sheriff’s Office recommends that people wanting to hike the canyons always take two other individuals with them, but he understands some people might not want to do that.

In those instances, hikers should be prepared to record or find an escape route in the event that one is necessary.

Anyone with information regarding to identity of the two men involved in the incident are asked to call Central Utah Dispatch at 801-794-3970 and ask to speak with a deputy.