Since their debut in Provo just days ago, the orange electric Spin scooters can be seen zipping around town, ridden by gleeful scooter riders from point A to point B.

Spin scooters have been billed by city leadership as a means of getting the "last mile" from major transit hubs, like the FrontRunner station, to final destinations.

So, how effective are these little two-wheeled electric wonders at getting around town? Well, the Daily Herald staff took it upon ourselves to see how quickly we could get from the FrontRunner Station in Provo to various popular spots around Provo, like the library, the center of town, the city offices and even all the way to the corner of BYU.

Here is how long it takes to get from the Provo FrontRunner Station to 10 popular spots in Provo, as well as just how enjoyable those trips are.

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