At least four suspects are in custody at the Utah County Jail after a home invasion gone wrong left one of the invading persons fatally shot by the resident in Vineyard late Tuesday night.

Utah County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to reports of an attempted robbery at Concord at Geneva Apartments located on Mill Road where a male suspect was shot and died on scene and the remaining suspects were observed fleeing the scene in a dark-colored SUV with brown trim.

Officials located the vehicle and followed it to Salt Lake County where it was stopped, according to the probable cause statements filed in support of the arrests. During the stop, four men and two juvenile women were taken into custody. 

According to arrest documents, officers interviewed 18-year-old Sarh Sone Jabbah, 27-year-old Baboucarr Trawally, 18-year-old Diego Fuentez and 22-year-old Gabriel Little Hawk Trane separately.

Jabbah, Fuentez and Trane agreed to speak to police after being read their Miranda Rights and told officers the group came from Salt Lake City to rob and assault a male living in the Vineyard residence.

The three allegedly said the event was planned after one of their female friends reported the man had drugged and raped her, according to the probable cause affidavit. They also claimed the man had narcotics.

The plan was to assault the male resident and steal his narcotics, in revenge, the three told police. During the robbery, however, one of the men involved in the plan was shot and killed by the resident.

The Utah County Sheriff's Office released the name of the man shot and killed in self defense Friday. According to a press release, 20-year-old Robert Jalil Williams of Salt Lake City was a part of the group of people who allegedly went to the residence to assault and rob the male resident. The sheriff's office asserted that evidence continues to indicate Williams was shot in self defense. 

Video surveillance obtained by deputies showed several individuals with shirts and masks covering their faces reportedly exiting the vehicle (that was eventually pulled over in Salt Lake County) and running to the apartment where the man lived, according to arrest documents. A short time later, the video captured the individuals fleeing the residence.

Officials took pictures of the individuals in their clothing and clothing inside the vehicle was cataloged, which reportedly matched the description seen on video surveillance and eyewitness accounts.

Through further investigation, authorities discovered blood evidence on Fuentez and Trane’s persons, according to arrest documents.

Both men emotionally recounted to police how their friend was shot in their presence and that they tried to help him. However, they believed their friend was deceased on the scene and got scared, leaving the individual behind and fleeing the scene.

“When you have things like this (COVID-19 pandemic) where people’s family lives are challenged — and when I say family lives I’m talking about relationships between husbands and wives, or partners, and children and job status and finances — we typically do see an uptick in say burglary or theft,” Utah County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Spencer Cannon said Tuesday night in a briefing on the incident.

All four men are currently being held at the Utah County Jail on $10,000 bail under the suspicion of committing third-degree felony robbery.