Vineyard - 2018

The Megaplex Theatre and new shops in front of the theater are pictured on Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018, in Vineyard.

Vineyard residents can join the conversation with city leadership as they look at what the city needs through the new Assemble app.

“Our goal in Vineyard City is to provide our residents with a way to be connected to the changes that have happened and the amenities that are offered within Vineyard,” said Mayor Julie Fullmer in an email. “We wanted to create a simple way for residents to contact their representatives and city staff, which is part of Assemble’s plan.”

Since the app went live at the end of November, more than 500 residents have signed up to voice their opinions on a wide range of topics.

Those opinions are shared with the mayor, city manager, city council and department heads depending on the topic. The city is seeking to answer resident’s inquiries on the app as fast as possible, according to Kathryn Newman, city spokeswoman.

Newman said the opinions and insights are helping the city to better understand the things that are most important to residents and are giving direction on what the city should do next.

“We want our residents to be able to have a forum to provide feedback that will help shape the community they want to see. Assemble is another great tool to help make that possible,” Fullmer said. “We are piloting the program to see if the app provides the type of connectivity we are trying to obtain.”

Fullmer said the app is gaining momentum.

“People have started participating in our surveys and providing feedback to the city, and it is beginning to become an active player in our discussions,” Fullmer said.

The questions vary like, “Do you plan to use the new overpass in Vineyard?”

Vineyard is trying to improve the connection between Center Street and Mill Road from east to west. The overpass will be built over the tracks near 600 East and Center Street.

Vineyard is hoping the overpass solution saves time and makes it safer for those traveling in and out of Vineyard.

Out of 409 residents that voted through the app on the overpass question, 395 said yes, 14 said no.

The question was posed on Assemble if residents were aware of the new FrontRunner station in Vineyard. The station is being constructed on the southeast corner of the Town Center, at about 900 North and 200 East. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

Of 262 resident responses, 229 said they were aware of the FrontRunner station and 33 were not.

The app is allowing city leaders to see how they are performing when it comes to getting information dispersed to residents and what they need to work on, Newman said.

Each question not only carries a vote tally but residents can take the time to give their reasons for why they say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

When the city asked, “Will you support the first grocery store in Vineyard?” The overwhelming answer was yes. Of 507 votes, 500 said yes, seven said no.

However, the comment section showed disagreements over the brand of store. Some want Harmons or a Walmart, others are absolutely against Harmons, Walmart or a Kroger (Smith’s) store. Some residents are opposed to Vineyard’s first store being strictly focused to health foods like a Sprouts store.

One resident posted, “I’ve been asking for a grocery (store) since I moved here about six years ago. If we had one in Vineyard I would never grocery shop in Orem.”

In total, 130 residents commented on the types of stores they would like to see and the types of businesses they’d like to avoid. This helps the city’s economic development department as they visit with stores and retailers showing interest in the city.

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