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During an extra patrol shift on Monday, American Fork officers arrested three men who reportedly vandalized at least 70 vehicles across northern Utah County in the past two months.

Officers discovered the men, along with two juveniles, were reportedly driving around American Fork, Cedar Hills, Lehi and Saratoga Springs and using a slingshot to shoot marbles at random windows of parked cars.

The men were arrested Monday morning after police responded to Cedar Hills on reports of 13 vehicles with broken windows.

“Officers located the suspect vehicle and performed a traffic stop,” police reported. “Officers saw a slingshot and marble in plain view inside the suspect vehicle. The suspect vehicle was searched and officers located additional marbles.”

Another 16 vehicles and recreational vehicles were damaged in the same way on May 24, according to a police report. The cost of the damage ranged from $500 to $1,000 per window, and investigators found “white glass marbles or balls in or near the damaged vehicles.”

The police department determined the men had damaged more than 70 vehicles in the last two months, according to a Facebook post.

Orem residents Mark Guy, 21, and Colin Miller, 21, were booked into the Utah County Jail under investigation of 13 counts of criminal mischief, all class A misdemeanors, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a class B misdemeanor.

Christian Guy, 19, of Eagle Mountain, was arrested on suspicion of 30 class A misdemeanors of criminal mischief and five class B misdemeanors of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

He is also under investigation for 14 third-degree felony counts of criminal mischief for reportedly damaging vehicles with a crowbar, causing more than $1,500 worth of damage to each vehicle.

In interviews with police, Christian Guy reportedly said he and his cousins would drive to a neighborhood, run to vehicles parked on the side of the road or driveway and smash the vehicle with a crowbar.

He explained that “he and his cousins did not have any rhyme or reason to the victims they selected. Christian said he and his cousins would just randomly get the urge to go vandalize vehicles. Christian admitted this was “stupid” and he was an “idiot” for being part of these crimes,” according to the probable cause report.

No official charges have been filed, and three men were released from jail on bail soon after they were arrested.

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