Teasha Ann Carlson mugshot

A baby boy born in July immediately started going through withdrawal, a police report reveals. The medical staff could barely feed him.

So on Aug. 30, Provo police arrested the boy's transient mother, Teasha Ann Carlson, for producing a meth baby. She is being held on a second-degree child endangerment charge.

According to her arrest report, Carlson's son was tested at birth and found to be "heavily contaminated" with methamphetamine. She reportedly made statements to medical staff about touching meth during her pregnancy, but the staff told police that "there was no way the baby's meth levels could be explained except by the mother's own drug use." 

The report states that before her arrest, Carlson declined to be interviewed by police. But she also reportedly told varying stories to nursing staff about the baby's contamination. Among those stories, she claimed that her neighbors smoked and manufactured meth, and that her boyfriend smoked it in her home while she was pregnant. The report states that Carlson never admitted to using meth, rather insisting that she only touched it.

However, the report also reveals that Carlson's family described her as a "persistent abuser of illicit drugs." They reportedly said that she has been taking drugs since she was 13, and appears at family functions "with slurred speech caused by pain pill abuse." In addition to meth, the baby tested positive for amphetamine and benzodiazepine.

Carlson's bail was set at $10,000.

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