Spencer Taylor

Spencer Taylor

Brigham Young University University Police arrested a 19-year-old student after he reportedly utilized underground tunnels to break into a campus building to steal food.

Spencer Taylor was arrested and booked into the Utah County Jail on Tuesday for the third-degree felony of burglary.

On Sunday, an employee at the BYU Culinary Support Center was startled when he ran into a man wearing a black mask and clothing, according to a police report. The building had been locked at the time.

Taylor reportedly ran away when the employee asked who he was. Officers later arrived and determined that Taylor had accessed the building through an underground tunnel system.

Camera footage showed Taylor holding food in his hand as he returned to the tunnels, according to the police report. He was also reportedly spotted on camera entering one of the Heritage Halls student housing buildings.

Taylor was identified by his card access into the residential building, according to the police report. Police contacted him on Tuesday, when he reportedly told them he was the man who was in the Culinary Support Center on Sunday.

He allegedly said that within the last month he has accessed the underground tunnel system three times and went to the Culinary Support Center on two of those occasions to steal food.

The report did not disclose how much food Taylor reportedly stole, or its worth.