A Spanish Fork man was taken into custody after authorities arrived on scene to allegedly find him walking in the middle of the road in only his underwear Wednesday.

As Spanish Fork police responded to the area, they observed the man stumbling on the sidewalk and walking into the roadway. Authorities made contact with the man and spoke with him about his erratic behavior, according to the probable cause statement filed in support of the arrest.

The man, later identified as 39-year-old Alexander Fraughton of Spanish Fork, allegedly told police he had taken several different types of pills before officers arrived, adding that he was just walking home and didn’t want to be bothered.

Authorities had already observed that he was allegedly under the influence of some kind of substance and determined Fraughton was a danger to himself and others, calling medical personnel to the scene to look over his swollen eye and a cut he had above his eye.

Officers advised Fraughton that they had called an ambulance and that if he was deemed healthy by paramedics, he could be released. However, when the ambulance arrived, Fraughton reportedly refused to get in and was instead escorted to a patrol vehicle where medical staff met with him, according to arrest documents.

Emergency medical teams advised police that Fraughton did not need to be transported to the hospital and asked him to sign a release form before officers planned to take him home. Fraughton allegedly refused and became agitated.

Fraughton allegedly began to yell and scream in the back of the patrol vehicle, stating that if he was not let out of the vehicle he would kick out the windows. At that point, Fraughton allegedly began head butting and kicking the back of the patrol car, refusing to comply with commands to stop.

Authorities made the decision to place Fraughton into custody at this time, believing he was a danger to himself and others as they reportedly began to observe reactions from the pills he had allegedly taken. Fraughton reportedly told officials if they tried to arrest him, he would fight and harm all of those involved, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Officers opened the door to place Fraughton in restraints, but when the door opened he exited the vehicle and allegedly refused to comply with commands to turn around and give police his hands, reportedly resisting arrest and fighting with officers.

Fraughton was escorted to the ground where he allegedly continued to resist arrest before handcuffs were placed on his wrists and he was put back into the back of a patrol vehicle.

While being placed inside of the vehicle, Fraughton allegedly kicked several officers before punching, kicking and head butting the car’s window after the door had closed, threatening to “break it out,” according to arrest documents.

Nurses at the Utah County Jail told officials he would need to be medically cleared before he could be booked and he was transported to a nearby hospital. On the way, Fraughton allegedly attempted to kick out a window of the patrol car, attempted to shatter the glass with his handcuffs, banged his head on the vehicle’s roof, and attempted to kick down the interior cage.

Fraughton arrived to a local hospital with cuts on his chin and head from hitting his head against surfaces of the patrol car, according to the probable cause statement, and officers with the Provo City Police Department and hospital security was placed on a gurney, restrained and a spit hood was placed over his head.

While at the hospital, Fraughton allegedly threatened violence toward several healthcare workers and security as well as assault a number of other individuals who were present in the room at the hospital.

After he was treated for past and present injuries and a urine test was conducted, Fraughton was medically cleared and booked into the Utah County Jail under the suspicion of several charges.

Fraughton is alleged to have been involved in third-degree felony criminal mischief, third-degree felony damage to jails, third-degree felony assault by prisoner, class A misdemeanor assault or threat of violence on healthcare providers, class B misdemeanor lewdness, class B misdemeanor resisting arrest, and class C misdemeanor intoxication. He also was issued a citation for disorderly conduct.

Fraughton is currently being held on $12,210 bail.