A St. George man is behind bars after police were called to assist with threats of violence against people at Payson Lakes Campground.

Utah County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the campground just after 10 p.m. on Saturday on reports of a possible assault in progress. According to the probable cause statement filed in support of the arrest, an intoxicated man was allegedly threatening to kill people at the campground.

When deputies arrived, a reporting party advised authorities the man — identified as 29-year-old Michael Bosh Haleua of St. George — had also allegedly stolen the campground host’s golf cart and attempted to run several people over while they were camping in the area, including some children.

Complainants told deputies Haleua was last seen driving the golf cart by the Payson Lake parking lot, but officials found him driving on Nebo Loop Road. Deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop; however, Haleua reportedly continued driving for a short time before coming to a stop.

When authorities made contact with Haleua, they reported a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person, also allegedly observing his eyes were red and watery and his speech was slurred, according to arrest documents.

Officials made several commands for Haleua to exit the golf cart, but he allegedly refused and deputies had to physically remove him. Haleua reportedly continued to resist authorities’ attempts to get him out of the golf cart by pulling away and kicking at them.

Once removed from the golf cart, deputies reported Haleua was unsteady on his feet and had to be assisted to the patrol vehicle, according to the probable cause affidavit. After, he was transported back to the campground where several people told deputies he had allegedly assaulted someone prior to leaving and had threatened to kill a child that was with him.

Deputies were taking voluntary statements from witnesses when Haleua allegedly took off his seatbelt and appeared to be trying to exit the patrol vehicle.

A deputy opened the door and confronted him, which prompted Haleua to begin swearing at him. According to arrest documents, the deputy attempted to put Halloa’s seat belt back on him but he allegedly physically resisted and kick the officer several times in the chest and face.

The deputy warned Haleua that if he kicked him again he would be shocked with a Taser but he allegedly ignored the warning and continued. The Taser was used as a dry stun but Haleua reportedly still continued to kick the deputy, the computer and the dashboard.

One of the witnesses who was present helped the deputy get Haleua out of the vehicle and on the ground where he allegedly continued to resist, kick and make threats toward authorities, according to the probable cause statement.

Deputies stunned Haleua once again so they could successfully restrain him before standing him up and leaning him against the patrol vehicle until another deputy with a cage was able to respond to the scene.

Haleua was transported to Utah Valley Hospital for medical clearance. Once at the hospital, Haleua allegedly began to resist again, kicking another deputy and hospital security personnel and attempting to kick female nurses.

Haleua also allegedly made threats toward deputies, reportedly telling them he would “track them down when he got out and take care of them,” according to arrest documents. He also reportedly continued to yell derogatory statements are hospital staff and deputies.

Initial urine tests allegedly showed positive for THC.

Haleua was taken into custody under suspicion of second-degree felony theft of an operable vehicle, third-degree felony aggravated assault, third-degree felony assault by prisoner, class A misdemeanor assault or threat of violence on health care providers, class A misdemeanor obstruction of justice, class B misdemeanor driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, class B misdemeanor resisting arrest, class B misdemeanor refusing to provide information, and class C misdemeanor intoxication.

He was also issued a citation for disorderly conduct. Haleua is currently being held at the Utah County Jail.